Short Description

AVE’s latest iteration of the TH11 carries forward all of the positive attributes of the previous models, notably strength, durability and comfort. However, in its latest guise they have focused on improving performance, and balance, to provide customers with the widest possible range of rider applications.

AVE is a long established German bike brand. Having first entered the Australian market in 2018 they have recently returned with some amazing new models.

From the daily commute, to epic cross continental adventures, the SH11 will take it all in its stride. For our latest generation AVE have retained the DNA of sporty handling and all day rider comfort, and added a range of thoughtful customisation options to allow you to tailor your bike to meet your specific needs.

Even the standard set up should be more than enough to satiate the most discerning of e-bike riders.

  • -Air suspension up front allows you to choose your suspension feel and set up, and change it according to rider weight and bike load.
  • Speed rated to 45 KMH, and with a through axle as standard, you’ll instantly feel at home with the SH11’s secure and precise handling.
  • Full Shimano XT gearing (11-42) ensures seamless and reliable gear changes leaving you to enjoy the experience of the open road.
  • Wide MD35 rims matched to 2.4 inch Schwalble Super Moto X tyres provide contact patch, strength and durability to take on the roughest urban streets, or wherever the trail takes you.
  • Magura MT4 braking ensures powerful reliable stopping power in all conditions.
  • Lighting from SuperNova provides safety and piece of mind that you’ll be seen, and the freedom to continue exploring at night with some of the best lighting fitted to any e-bike, period.

The Performance

With the most powerful BOSCH CX motors, and batteries standard across the entire range, you’ll have the confidence to take on the steepest terrain.

Your imagination not your equipment should be the limit of your adventure.

BOSCH has over 150 approved e-bike dealers in Australia and operates in over 150 countries worldwide. So no matter where your journey takes you, expert help is always on hand.

The Cockpit

With many thousands of kilometres riding enjoyment ahead of you, AVE have put your rider comfort and ergonomics are at the heart of our designs.

  • It starts with a partnership with Selle RoyalTM saddles and their ScientiaTM range, which offers a choice of 9 saddles to find the perfect match to your body shape and preferred riding position.
  • Ergonomic hand grips from ERGONTM dampen road vibration and have been pre-selected to match each frame size.
  • A riser stem and handlebar deliver long distance comfort, without compromising high speed stability.

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