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At Earth Cycles we are passionate about Cargo Bikes

Earth Cycles is a specialist cargo bike shop. We have been building, selling and servicing cargo bikes for over 10 years. We have a large range of cargo bikes of all different kinds in stock, and available for test ride and purchase. Being specialists makes a big difference, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in finding the right bike to suit your needs.

Cargo Bikes


Non Electric Cargo Bike

Yuba Mundo LUX (V5) Gold

Non Electric Cargo Bike


Non Electric Cargo Bike

Spicy Curry – 2020 Green

Electric Cargo Bike

Benno Boost-E (2020)

Electric Cargo Bike

Electric Supermarché

Electric Cargo Bike

AVE TH11 Adventure

Electric Cargo Bike


Electric Cargo Bike

What People Are Saying

My family bought our Yuba Mundo from Earthcycles in 2014. We used it almost daily then and still do. Earthcycles was attentive from the beginning, helping to bridge the gap in bicycle transport for families with 3+ kids! Moving my family is no sweat in our custom-electrified Yuba Mundo, and my kids laugh together as we pass the cars backed up on Oxley road in the morning!

Seth Olsen

Thanks Louis and team! We have had our funky Boda Boda setup for less than a week and already 100km! Excellent for work commute, school drop off, park adventures, market hauls, and door to door stress free work days!

Emmily Roberts

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